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The Father at IU

3 minute read

Does Indiana University have a “father”? On January 20, 1820, the infant state of Indiana (admitted into the union in 1816) passed a law to establish a state seminary in Bloomington. One of the trustees commissioned to establish the school was a man named David H. Maxwell. A physician by trade, Dr. Maxwell became a vocal supporter for the founding of a state college in Bloomington after his move to the small town in 1819. That same year the first church in Bloomington was also founded at his personal home. Due to his substantial influence in founding the seminary, Dr. Maxwell has often been called the “father of Indiana University”.

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A Soul That Will Never Die

4 minute read

Welcome to Indiana University! Whether you are a freshman this year or a grizzled old senior, I hope you’re excited to be back in Bloomington and back at IU. There are many good reasons to attend college, and there are many good reasons to come to Indiana University. But before classes begin, you should ask yourself an important question: why are you here?

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1 minute read

There is a lot happening here in Bloomington, Indiana. Indiana University is a world-class research institution, with more than 550 academic programs and 200 majors. It’s also a hub of art and culture. The Jacobs School of Music attracts top musicians from all over the world, and there are free recitals and concerts happening regularly. Opera and ballet are on offer at the Musical Arts Center, and the IU Auditorium hosts concerts and theatrical productions of all kinds.

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