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There is a lot happening here in Bloomington, Indiana. Indiana University is a world-class research institution, with more than 550 academic programs and 200 majors. It’s also a hub of art and culture. The Jacobs School of Music attracts top musicians from all over the world, and there are free recitals and concerts happening regularly. Opera and ballet are on offer at the Musical Arts Center, and the IU Auditorium hosts concerts and theatrical productions of all kinds.

The Indiana Hoosiers have sports teams that are consistently ranked nationally. Although basketball and football draw the largest audiences, my favorite is the soccer team. They have won eight national championships, and they are consistently good.

At over 45,000 students, IU is also huge. The entire population of Bloomington is around 85,000, so the university represents over half the population of the city. (The population of Monroe county is around 140,000.) The university is, in many ways, a city within a city.

When I arrived at IU as a transfer student, I was ready for it. I had been living in Bloomington for a few years already, and so I was living off campus and already had a solid set of friendships. I was part of a strong church community. I had gained experience and age, and I was thrilled at all the options available to me as an undergraduate.

But if you’re moving here from somewhere else, the university might feel a bit like a wilderness. And if you’re a Christian who loves the Bible, IU will certainly challenge your faith.

We’d love to meet you and show you around. We’d love to make it feel like home. Our church is filled with young families, and many of us attended IU. If you’re looking for a church, we’d be delighted if you’d check us out.

If you need a ride, please get in touch. But if you drive, watch out for those one-way streets! It’s crazy out there, folks.