Until the Fall of 2010, Clearnote Campus Fellowship was led entirely by volunteers. This doesn't mean that CNCF received the dregs of these volunteers' time, however. Jake and Amanda Mentzel have treated CNCF like a full-time job ever since they began serving, pouring numerous hours into the lives of college students at Indiana University.

By God's grace, in August of 2010 Clearnote Church found itself in a position to take Jake on staff as an assistant pastor with a part-time salary. However, as I'm sure you're aware, college ministry never stopped being a full-time job. College ministry is rewarding, but demanding work. While we are grateful for the work of our other volunteers, it's essential for CNCF to have at least one, full-time staff worker.

Jake, for instance, preaches nearly every week at the Fold, leads an additional 3 Bible studies/week, oversees all discipleship groups, plans curriculum, plans and oversees mission trips and retreats, has monthly (and sometimes weekly) leadership meetings, and more. In fact, that doesn't even touch his other responsibilities at Clearnote Church—counseling sessions, staff meetings, elders meetings, leading a small group, and helping to plan, create, and teach Sunday School curriculum, for rexample. Amanda manages to attend all CNCF events and teach a Bible study while managing their 2 small children. Additionally, the Mentzels have an open home that is often invaded by hungry and distressed students.

In order for this work to continue, we need your prayers and your financial support. As this campus ministry grows, the financial burdens become larger, not smaller. This is largely because college students don't have income with which to support the ministry of the church. The more students there are, the more time, energy, and effort are required to adequately care for them. And if there's one thing we're committed to, it's to continue to see more and more students become faithful disciples of Christ.

If you're interested in giving to this vital ministry, please make your check payable to "Clearnote Fellowship" and be sure to write "Mentzel Support" in the memo line. Then send your check here:

Clearnote Fellowship
2401 S. Endwright Rd.
Bloomington, IN 47403

All contributions are tax-deductible. In the future, we will have an online method for receiving donations.

ClearNote Campus Fellowship is a ministry of ClearNote Church on the campus of Indiana University.