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Thy Word is Truth - David Wegener

In a university community, there are no shortage of attacks on the truthfulness of the Word of God. Or on its ability to speak directly to us today. How do we navigate these waters as Christians? And what do we do with difficult passages?

In this message, David Wegener opens up for us the authority, clarity, and sufficiency of Scripture.

David Wegener is a PCA missionary serving in Zambia at the Theological College of Central Africa. He also assists in the work of training pastors at Kabwata Baptist Church. This message was recorded in April of 2012.

REALationships: The Truth About Dating, Relationships, and Sex - Stephen Baker

Let's face it: relationships are tricky. Especially in college. No one wants to be alone. No one wants to live in the friendzone. And no one wants to be an emotional trainwreck, either.

How are we supposed to figure this stuff out? What should we look for in the opposite sex? How do we need to change? What makes for a good relationship?

And those are just the easy questions. Just wait until we start talking about sex, singleness, and marriage.

In this message, Pastor Stephen Baker gives us candid and frank straight-talk on dating, relationships, and sex. On Valentine's Day, no less.

Stephen Baker is an associate pastor at Clearnote Church and the dean of the Clearnote Pastors College. This message was recorded on Valentine's Day, 2012.

How to Know God's Will - Max Curell

College students have a lot of important decisions to make: What should I major in? What career should I pursue? Should I date this guy? Should I take out another loan or get a job? Should I wear these shoes to class?

It's tough, we know. How do we know God's will for our life? What does it mean to follow the Holy Spirit? Should I look for signs from heaven? A peace in my heart?

There's a lot of confusion today about what it means to know God's will. In this message, Pastor Max Curell tries to help us sort through the mess.

Max Curell is an associate pastor at Clearnote Church. This message was recorded in November of 2011.

Work, Careers, and Being a Christian - Juergen Von Hagen

What does it mean to live like a Christian in this world? Should our faith only be expressed and confessed when we gather together for worship, or is there something more? Does being a Christian mean I should forget my career path and become a missionary? Or is there a Christian way to look at pursuing a career and an education?

In this message, Juergen Von Hagen opens up the ways in which we've failed to understand God's call on our lives to be godly, productive members of society.

Juergen Von Hagen is the Vice President at the University of Bonn, Professor of Economics at Bonn, Elder at Evangelical Free Church in Bonn, Adjunct Professor of Economics at Indiana University, and a whole lot of other crazy "important" things. Most importantly, he became a Christian in Bloomington while serving as a church janitor. He attends Clearnote Church whenever he's teaching at IU. This message was preached in September of 2011.

iChurch: Marketplace of the Soul - Max Curell


Kurt Cobain's famous line, "Here we are now, entertain us," is still the anthem of many people today. How has our media and our entertainment culture affected how we understand what the church is? And what the church should do? How important is "the church," really? What should we expect from a church? Do we even know what a church is? And, after all, why should we care?

In this eye-opening message, Max Curell chronicles the changes we've seen in the church in America as she has adopted herself to an ever-increasing entertainment culture. More than that, he gives us a biblical cure for our consumer-minded, self-centered approach to church.

Max Curell is an associate pastor at Clearnote Church. This message was recorded in March of 2010 and has become one of our favorite messages ever preached at the Fold.

Fatherless - Tim Bayly


One of the greatest tragedies of modern America is that many of us grow up without a father. And even those of us who have grown up with fathers were often unprotected and uncared for. We've been abused, neglected, abandoned, and left bitter.

All fathers are poor shadows of God the Father. In fact, they're such poor shadows, that even the best fathers look like perfect and utter failures next to Him. In this message, Pastor Tim Bayly teaches us what it means to know God as our Heavenly Father and to come to Him for healing. And he does it without letting us continue in bitterness against God and our earthly fathers.

Tim Bayly is the senior pastor of Clearnote Church. He is also the former executive director for the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. This message was recorded in February of 2010.

Purity - Stephen Baker


How far is too far? What does the Bible actually teach about sexual purity? Chastity? Virginity? What I do behind the doors of my bedroom (whether I'm alone or with someone else) doesn't hurt anyone, right?

Stephen Baker addresses what sexual immorality is, why we must avoid it, and how we can stay pure in a sexually decadent culture.

Stephen Baker is an associate pastor at Clearnote Church and dean of the Clearnote Pastors College. This message was recorded in November of 2009.



REALationships - Joseph Bayly


Relationships are a consuming topic among college students. What are men after? What are women after? What should we look for in a relationship? What must we become? How do we approach the subject of relationships in an honest, pure, and godly way? What's with all that talk about dating and courtship?

Candid, frank, and at times uncomfortable, Joseph Bayly gives us straight talk about relationships and college students.

Pastor Joseph Bayly is the former campus director for CNCF at IU. He's currently planting a Clearnote church in Indianapolis. This message was recorded in October of 2009.

ClearNote Campus Fellowship is a ministry of ClearNote Church on the campus of Indiana University.