Retreat Audio

Unashamed of the Gospel (Fall 2013)
Guest Speaker: Andy Halsey

1. The Gospel | Andy Halsey
2. Not Ashamed | Andy Halsey
3. The Power of God | Andy Halsey

Andy Halsey is the senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Charleston, Mississippi. He studied as an undergraduate at IU and then received his MDiv from Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi.


Conflict and the Christian (Fall 2012)
Guest Speaker: Joseph Bayly

1. The Conflict Within | Joseph Bayly
2. The Conflict Without | Joseph Bayly
3. Conflict Among Brothers | Joseph Bayly

Joseph Bayly is the senior pastor of Clearnote Church, Indianapolis. He studied at the Clearnote Pastors College in Bloomington, and helped establish Clearnote Campus Fellowship at IU.


The Holy Spirit (Fall 2011)
Guest Speaker: Don Donell

1. The Spirit in the Old Testament: The Spirit Moves on the Earth | Don Donell
2. The Spirit in the Gospels: The Spirit-Empowered Man | Don Donell
3. The Spirit in Acts: Spirit-Empowered Community | Don Donell
4. Q & A  

Don Donell is a Reformed Baptist church-planter who served as a missionary in Argentina for 10 years and most recently planted a church in Asheville, NC.


Cross-Centered (Fall 2010)
Guest Speaker: Joseph Beck

1. Cross-Centered Faith | Joseph Beck
2. Cross-Centered Obedience | Joseph Beck
3. Proclaiming the Cross | Joseph Beck 

Joe Beck is a PCA minister at Grace Evangelical Presbyterian in Davidsonville, MD. He's also Jake's best friend.


Living Coram Deo (Fall 2009)
Guest Speaker: Mat McIntosh

1. Living Coram Deo: Communion with God | Mat McIntosh
2. Living Coram Deo: Obedience to God | Mat McIntosh
3. Living Coram Deo: Proclaiming What We Know | Mat McIntosh 

Mat McIntosh is an Acts 29/Southern Baptist church planter in Norman, Oklahoma and long-time mentor and friend to Jake and Amanda.

ClearNote Campus Fellowship is a ministry of ClearNote Church on the campus of Indiana University.