The Clearnote Songbook: How you can help reform worship

If you’re like me, you were surprised when you first worshiped under the leadership of the Good Shepherd Band. Surprised that it’s a band that plays rock instruments well, but the music doesn’t bring glory to the band. Surprised that 200-year-old hymns can be so fun to sing. Surprised that they don’t want you to sit back and listen; instead, they get the congregation singing loudly! Even the men!

I was surprised because these things are unique. They’re unique because the GSB isn’t about following the current trends in worship music. It’s about reforming worship. Wouldn’t it be a shame if the band’s work were confined to this one church in Bloomington, Indiana? Wouldn’t it be helpful if any church in the world could hear the GSB’s music and use it for its own worship services? What if my church back home started doing a song or two that we do here?

Say hello to the Clearnote Songbook. Go ahead, check it out. Click on the “Songbook” tab... at the top to hear recordings of over 40 worship songs written or arranged by the Good Shepherd Band. Anyone can click on the song title to instantly download the sheet music for free. And, it’s not just worship songs. There are choir pieces, children’s music, and even some instrumental things that would make great offertories.

Be sure also to check out the “War Horn”, which is Clearnote Songbook’s blog. Have you ever wondered how to explain to someone why we sing the Ten Commandments? There’s a post explaining that. Why do we at Clearnote Church structure our liturgy the way we do? Is it important? There’s a post explaining that. Most importantly, check out the post Why Clearnote Songbook?, and learn how Clearnote Songbook is an effort to restore the masculine principle of worship to the Church, to get congregations singing loudly, and to give away its work to other churches for free.

Visit the website frequently, be blessed by it, and then pass it along to your church back home.

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ClearNote Campus Fellowship is a ministry of ClearNote Church on the campus of Indiana University.