Christmas Courage

If you're like me, you enjoy being home for the holidays but face a particular set of difficulties that comes with...being home for the holidays. It's a break from school, but one that involves hard work.

Hard work...?

What work am I talking about? The work of trying to honor God in your relationships with your family and friends. That work is going to look different depending on who you are, what sins you struggle with, who your family is, who your friends are, etc. But the the question for all of us is the same: "How do I honor God in my attitudes and actions toward those around me?"

Here's some advice:

Start Right.

Make it your habit to start the day with prayer and reading God's Word. We're incredibly forgetful and prone to wander, and we need to come to Him in order to begin to think and feel rightly about anything. Pray for strength to love God, fight your sins, to love your family, for courage to speak up, for wisdom to know when, for a soft heart, and whatever it is you need.

Remember Jesus.

Jesus, being God, did not despise His earthly parents. He honored them perfectly. And He knew their sin. I cannot overemphasize the importance of honoring our parents, whether they're Christians or not. Don't despise them now that you've "seen the world" and "learned wondrous things." Instead, love them. Be sweet to them. Be useful to them. Listen to them. Swallow your pride. Learn to say "I'm sorry but."

Jesus was salty around those whom He hung. He had a good time with them and enjoyed their company and loved His Father's honor and His friends enough to expose their sins. Lots of "ands". Don't think about them as "buts." Jesus was humbly bold. He was God and humble. Humbling? Yes. He has promised to never leave you or forsake you and to give you His Spirit in time of need. Empowering? Yes.

Jesus was not ashamed of the cross He bore for you. Don't be ashamed of Him. Give thanks and glory to Him in your heart and publicly.

Jesus was selfless. His life was poured out for those whom He loved to the end. So don't be stingy. Your time, affection, and presence can be a blessing to those who need it. You won't die if you take 45 minutes to listen to the Three Tenors sing Christmas songs in English with your dad. It's actually not too bad :)


Looking forward to seeing you soon,




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