The Atonement

Every year during Holy Week there are two albums I listen to in their entirety. You might find them an odd pairing because they're so different stylistically, but I don't care. I love them and am always led by them to meditate on Christ's death and resurrection.

The first is Shai Linne's The Atonement. (It's only $8.99, so buy it!) The very first time I heard that album I was driving home from Indianapolis and I nearly had to pull off to the side of the road because I was crying. It made me reflect on my own sin and on the depth of Christ's suffering on behalf of all sinners.

It's since become a Good Friday staple in our home and one of my top recommendations to our students. I can't tell you how strengthened, encouraged, and instructed I've been by not only this album, but his work in general.

The second is an obvious classic: Handel's Messiah. I was turned onto this version (conducted by Masaaki Suzuki; performed by the Bach Collegium Japan Orchestra) by Jody Killingsworth, our pastor for worship and music and a former doctoral student at Jacobs. It's awesome.

Here are a couple songs from The Atonement to whet your appetite. Enjoy!

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The Fullness of Time

A new video from our church's worship band at our annual Christmas Sing-A-Long. This song features a number of Jacobs School musicians both present and past, many of whom attend Clearnote. Enjoy!

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The Good Shepherd Band needs your help!

The Good Shepherd Band is the group of musicians who faithfully lead worship at ClearNote Church, Bloomington. Their primary calling is to lead God's people in weekly musical worship, but through God's gracious provision over the past few years, they have been able to record several CDs in the hopes of making God's truth more widely known in churches and homes throughout the nation.

Now, the GSB has entered in a battle-of-the-bands competition, and they need your help! Go to the Hard Rock Rising Facebook page and download the GSB's song "His Final Word" (Glorious Things, 2011) for free. The bands that get their songs downloaded the most get to play live at a battle-of-the-bands at the Hard Rock Cafe in Indianapolis.

This is a great opportunity to engage our culture by spreading the Gospel through music. Voting ends this Monday, February 6th, so jump on it!

Release Party Tonight!

Repeat the Sounding Joy releases tonight at the Pourhouse Cafe at 7pm. Be sure to be there. The album will be available for purchase, there will be prizes raffled off, and there will be a live performance by the GSB. Here's the latest teaser:

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Repeat the Sounding Joy!

This Friday the Good Shepherd Band will release their new Christmas album, Repeat the Sounding Joy! We're all extremely excited about it, and (as someone who has had a chance to listen already) I can assure you, it won't disappoint.

There are a couple of things you need to know in order to celebrate with us. The first thing is that there will be a cd release party this Friday night at 7pm at the Pourhouse Cafe on Kirkwood. We'll listen through the album, enjoy some great coffee and gelato, hardcopies of the album will be available for purchase, and the band will perform some of the songs from the album in a stripped down set. Oh, and yours truly will host the evening. So check the event out on Facebook and be sure to tell your friends!

Finally, the band has put some of their music online for your listening pleasure. Let me give you the round-up:

Pre-Order Repeat the Sounding Joy

Repeat the Sounding Joy is now available for pre-order! Order now and download a free song. Just click here.

If you're like me, you've been looking forward to this for a long time. Good Christmas music is hard to find, and this album is going to be a gem. Here's another preview to whet your appetite:

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Good Christmas Music in the Pipeline

Our very own Good Shepherd Band is due to release their first Christmas album in just a few weeks. Just a couple days ago they put up a few preview tracks on YouTube.

There's more (free) music in the pipeline, so be sure to follow them on Twitter (@theGSB) or like them on Facebook to stay in the know.

In the meantime, check this out:

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Meet the Leaders: Cole Tutino

Cole Tutino is a grad student leader for CNCF. He leads our weekly prayer meeting on campus, helps out with men's discipleship, and even plays bass at the Fold every Tuesday.

Cole moonlights as a cellist at the Jacobs School of Music, and he dressed up for the occasion to perform in my living room for a critical audience, including my 11 week old daughter Jubilee. She had a few pointers afterward, though Dewayne, Jake, and my wife Dani were more complimentary.

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Free Music From GSB

Glorious ThingsI've talked with a lot of students after church today who really loved the music and were interested in hearing more. Which means it's a good thing our Sunday morning band has an EP available for free download.

So check it out at You'll be able to stream the entire album, download it for free, share it with all your friends on Facebook and Twitter, and more.

Be sure to give them follows on Facebook and Twitter while you're at it. They're working on a really sweet Christmas album and you'll want to keep up with their progress.

And if you really wanna be old school, you can pick up a hard copy at the church office.

How to get to the Fold

Interested in coming to the Fold this Tuesday? Maybe you came to our kick-off meeting, or maybe you saw some chalking...either way, you're gonna need to know how to get there, and this will help. The Fold happens every Tuesday throughout the semester at 8 pm in Neal Marshall A201. See you there!

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ClearNote Campus Fellowship is a ministry of ClearNote Church on the campus of Indiana University.