Sexual by Design audio is up!

It won't be quite the same experience as being there in person, but it's more than worth your time to have a listen. The Q & A went a little longer than expected, so the computer that recorded it had a little trouble keeping up with all the data, but the bulk of it is here for your education and edification. Here are the talks:

Lecture 1: Creation Sexuality
Lecture 2: Redemption Sexuality
Q & A with Doug Wilson

In addition to audio for this event, we record all of the teaching that happens at ClearNote Campus Fellowship events all year long. In fact, we have archived audio for the past 3 years! By simply visiting our Podcast page, you can listen to our weekly teaching at the Fold, as well as special topics from throughout the year and from our fall retreats. Enjoy!

Help with Lust

Doug Wilson has a fine post up on his blog called "Seven Effective Strategies for Dealing with Lust." I recommend you check it out. A couple gems:

"Would you excel in your work? Would you stand before kings? Would you be entrusted with great things? Then run away from every breach of sexual trust. You are running toward a high calling."

A Good Name

"A good name is to be more desired than great wealth." - Proverbs 22:1

In an earlier post on the recent homophobia forum, I mentioned that Christian Student Fellowship (CSF) had partnered with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship to bring a practicing homosexual to campus to speak in the name of Jesus. This was because the promotional material—both posters and pamphlets—had CSF's name and logo attached to them.

However, I had the joy of speaking with a CSF staff worker this afternoon who informed me that CSF had no idea their name was attached to the event. In fact, CSF took no part in planning or promoting the forum. I then received the following statement via email, which I am permitted to publish here:

Jesus and the end of...?

(UPDATED 4/5/11)

William Campbell lectures on homophobia

This past Monday evening InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Indiana University sponsored a "forum" called "Jesus and the end of homophobia." It was the first in a weeklong series of forums collectively titled "Jesus and the end of..." Several of our students attended.

Brothers and sisters, we are grieved over what happened here. We urge you to read this post with humility, praying that God would grant repentance to all who were involved and that He would protect those who might have been led astray.

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