May 2012

Sexual by Design audio is up!

It won't be quite the same experience as being there in person, but it's more than worth your time to have a listen. The Q & A went a little longer than expected, so the computer that recorded it had a little trouble keeping up with all the data, but the bulk of it is here for your education and edification. Here are the talks:

Lecture 1: Creation Sexuality
Lecture 2: Redemption Sexuality
Q & A with Doug Wilson

In addition to audio for this event, we record all of the teaching that happens at ClearNote Campus Fellowship events all year long. In fact, we have archived audio for the past 3 years! By simply visiting our Podcast page, you can listen to our weekly teaching at the Fold, as well as special topics from throughout the year and from our fall retreats. Enjoy!

ClearNote Campus Fellowship is a ministry of ClearNote Church on the campus of Indiana University.