About Us

Clearnote Campus Fellowship (CNCF) is a reformed and evangelical Christian student organization (or campus ministry) seeking to reach students at IU with the Gospel.

And no, we're not a glee club. Or some other music-related thing (although we do happen to have a rockin' band).

All the same, we're still not what you'd normally think of when you picture a campus ministry.

We function like many other campus ministries: we have a large-group meeting, Bible studies, retreats, mission trips, and more. But that's not all we do. That's not all we are.

CNCF was commissioned by the elders and pastors of Clearnote Church to reach students at Indiana University with the Gospel. We believe it's essential for campus ministries to be accountable to the biblical authority of the local church. And we believe it's essential for students to be connected to the life of a local church. For more about this, see Our Mission.

ClearNote Campus Fellowship is a ministry of ClearNote Church on the campus of Indiana University.